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24th-Sep-2025 08:31 pm - Mercury adore les enfants...
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You know the drill. Please comment to be added. It's be great if you left your nom de plum, interests and perhaps an interesting fact or two about you. But don't worry. I love friends~
23rd-Sep-2007 01:15 pm(no subject)
Youji PLAN!
First off, hello justformusic and coppertopper15~! WELCOME TO MEH LJ~! <333~!

Then, because I am like, obsessed with surveys, I found this on justformusic's LJ.

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19th-Jul-2007 01:16 pm - in ur el-jay, spammin ur flist. XD
Youji PLAN!
I do not make icons, so I will not claim any of these icons. But I found them all today, and they make me giggle, so I thought I would share. (Not that anyone is even ON el-jay anyway, because all the stupid intarwebz spoilers. :P)


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9th-Jun-2007 01:58 pm - XD
Youji PLAN!
OH MY FREAKING BABY JESUS. SCHOOL IS OVER. (Okay, so it ended at about 2:30 on Thursday. But shuush~!) I accidentally forgot to clean out my locker, so I ended up hanging out at school for an extra 30 minutes, taking down about a bazillion magnetic poetry magnets. But I found a $15 gift card from my birthday (back in, uh, September. -_-;;) so all was well.

So, last week I took the SAT. And I killed it. Murdered it with my amazingly l337 bubbling-in skillz. (Though as I write this, it is in fact entirely possible that I did terribly. I mean, I doubt it, but it is a possibility. XD;;)

Then I took my ACT this morning and dear GOD it was scary. Though it didn't feel as long. Not so sure how I did on it. I know I did okay, but I want to do really, really well. Just to relieve some college anxieties. Though it was funny, because the SAT was so organized and professional. They had our names on the desks and everything. And the room was warm without being too hot, and it was very neat and clean. My ACT room was at the ghetto high school, they didn't even let us inside until 8 and none of the rooms were labeled. It was scary~! >< Plus, the room was about 10 degrees. *shivers* But I got through it, so whatever. IT'S DONE. Now I don't have to think about school-related things until... um... the end of June.

Well then, a question on cognition. How, dear flist, do you think? Like, when I say "apple," what goes on in your head? Do you see a picture of an apple? The word apple? Associations with apples? When you think back on specific events, do you read them in your mind, like a memoir? Do you see snapshots? Or miniature movies in your head? In short, I would be wonderfully thrilled if you could tell me how you think your brain works.

Like, for myself, ideas don't tend to form in my head. You say "apple" and my mind is blank, blank, blank until I open my mouth and words come out from nowhere. Sometimes I feel like my head is a black hole or, better yet, a black projection screen. I can make images and words and things show up on it, but it is a conscious decision. For me, thoughts aren't thoughts until I have spoken them. I have to verbalize to process things, which is why I talk to myself. I'm thinking out loud, quite literally.

Anyone else? Please? <3

6th-Jun-2007 02:36 pm - BABYFLOURITETWINS!!
Youji PLAN!
I capslock on here a lot, don't I? I had to go back about twenty entries that didn't have at least something IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Gawd, I'm such a loser.

In other news; one lone half day of school left. T_T (Okay, I'm more sad that I have to go tomorrow than the fact that it's almost over. Hell, I want it to be over NOW plzkthx.)

Barring that, I want a cupcake.

My math teacher signed my yearbook. With probably the lamest signature ever. "Dear Hallie, this is my signature. *scribbly signature*"


Oh, and I might not need a summer job, because I might get to intern with a writer and just... write stuff and get that published. Which would be totally awesome. (As you can tell from my elegantly prosed livejournal entries, I am quite the phenomenal writer. *rolleyes*) Long story, not particularly interesting, but if it gets me published, I will be happy. XD

...that's all, really. I get a rainbow-colored retainer tonight. ^-^
5th-Jun-2007 05:52 pm - Squee from TRC
Youji PLAN!

5th-Jun-2007 11:03 am - T__T
Youji PLAN!
First off, shout-out to almight_taka 'cos I totally stole their icon and forgot to credit. *-_-*;; But it's been corrected and we're buddies now. Yay~! <3

In other news...


I have to get my blood drawn. >o>


*ish dead*

And it's not even for a fun reason. I've been having a difficult time regulating my own body temperature, and my mom things I might have something wrong with my thyroid. NOOES. URK. BLOOD TEST.

On the one hand, if it does turn out that there's something wrong with me, it's relatively easy to fix, and I'll be more energetic and less cranky and cold all the time. On the other hand, if I do have hypothyroidism, I will be on medication for THE REST OF MY LIFE.

...Other than that, I had a pretty good day. XD
4th-Jun-2007 06:54 pm - OH NOES! TEH ZOMBIES!!
Youji PLAN!
Meme~!Collapse )
Youji PLAN!
Oh life. Death has come and gone (I took my SAT yesterday. XD;;) and a small, miniature death is imminent (OMG FLUTE RECITAL IN LIKE... AN HOUR. ~_~) EDIT: Okay, so this took considerably longer than an hour. But oh well. So what to do?


I have become very, very bored with my music recently. So I figured I would just upload stuff and see if anyone would upload stuff in return.
But as I went through my stuff to see if I had anything worth uploading, I found the soundtrack to one of my favorite musicals ever! So in lieu of uploading random songs I probably downloaded from my flist, I figured I would just post that. Because musicals rock. Hardcore. XD

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